Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Treasure

There's a little ruby-cheeked sweetheart in Inner Mongolia who has no idea of 
The Treasure 
her parents have for her. A most-valued possession waits for her in a relatively
plain, manila envelope.

Just a month ago, Haliana became part of her Family; the family that already loved her, already nurtured her future in their hearts. The one who would be her Forever Momma had prayed for her even while she couldn't feed her or tuck her covers to her chin at night. The Dad who gained a wistful look when her spoke of his yet-to-be daughter began to understand parenting in a new way while he waited. The big brothers gave her thought as a family-in-waiting does, but it didn't change their life much more than another name at family prayer time and adding a waiting crib to a bedroom.

The paperwork was finalized and the family now sports a touch of pink at the end of 18 years of blue. A new family was made, because it would never be the old one again.

The little girl had her Forever Family--but she didn't yet possess that treasure wrapped in manila.

That took another journey to another city. The girlie in pink laughed and grumped and ate and slept through her week of appointments and official documents. Life was the same for her as she returned home to her new, now-familiar crib and dog and boys.

She is completely unaware of the change that trip to Guangzhou made in her life, but it was the beginning of changes that will effect her life permanently. When Miss Haliana changed families, she gained new citizenship. She still lives in her Asian world apart from the extended American family who long to hug her sweet neck and lavish her with stories from the history she is joining.
She possesses documents that insures she will become 
an American
the moment she lands on American soil.
 That makes my heart ache. 

A very different world waits for her to experience and live.

She was an abandoned daughter, now found. She was one of 147 million orphans in our world, now a rightful daughter. She was doted on and cared for by ayis in exchange for a paycheck; now, she's a priceless addition to an amazing Nation

Her story makes my heart ache for Heaven.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes, as I continue to think of awesome the Fathers love is and how his heart for adoption is so strong... since he adopted us. :) So thankful in this adoption month to know that I was adopted by a loving man who has been my forever daddy, and now I get to share that same adoption love with my three blessings.

  2. Beautiful story. Beautiful family!