Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Embrace It

Do you happen to have 

one of those things

 hanging out behind you, or maybe hanging over your head, 
or dragging on your shoulder...or your heart? 

I certainly can sympathize with you. 
(and you thought I was heartless, didn't you?)

I have had my fair share of Those Things suck the vitality right out of my day/week.
But not this time.

I had a task ahead of me that I was not ready to accomplish. 
I had no energy to accomplish it the way it deserved to be accomplished.
I plain old Didn't Want To. 
But, I had to.

I made a choice, that by God's grace, I would 
 the less-than-desirable task and do it with the knowledge that He had set It before me.

He had Grace to spare for the occasion.
He had plans and purposes in it.
He would be sufficient, especially if I wasn't.

I had to "put down" the angst that wanted to rear it's head, 
and just trust He was running the details of this particular show.
I prayed myself through the "Are you kidding me?" moments and simply asked that His grace touch those around me in gentle ways, not the backhand-to-the-jaw way I wanted to touch them at times. 
I reminded myself that I didn't need to live in turmoil of the soul since He did that already.

I would be fine--possibly, even more than fine--when it was all said and done.

Well, it's all said and done, and I am, and He was. 
I am fine.
He was sufficient.
He was gracious.
He worked things out in surprising ways.

I hope I remember this the next time I have an opportunity guised as an annoyance. 
Or as trouble. 
Or as more than I can handle. 
(Wait...that's like, everyday!)

It was nice to choose to put on my big girl panties first, and not find them soiled by my attitude.
I've decided to Embrace It, whatever It may be, as long as I know It is His plan for me.

Which It always is.
Remind me of that if you see me baulking at those Big Girl Panties, 'kay?
You just love photos, so I added these from our recent trip to the Wilds in NC.

Yes, the doctor is painting a pink and purple sword with his sister. 

Mark's folks with two of their favorite 21 grandkids.

The Love of my Life

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  1. Thanks, Dorothy. Gives me courage to put on my big girl bloomers and face my 19 year old "it" once again with an issue that I'd rather just ignore.
    Love ya. Miss ya. Thank ya.