Friday, October 21, 2011

12 weeks in the beginning of Forever

October 22nd marks 12 weeks since our Mayin Li joined her Forever Family.
She has photos of the first people she knew as jia, her family. She tells me about the children around her in the photos and names two of the adults. When I asked Maylin if her heart hurt because she wants to see them again, she cocked her head to the right, lifted her eyes toward the top left in thought,
and didn't answer me.

When I asked if she knew she would stay with us, this jia, her forever family, for always, she broke into a big grin and flung her lanky arms around my neck and buried her face into my shoulder. "Shtay," she proclaimed. Oh yes, girlie, you will shtay. You are part of our hearts, just like the rest.

In 12 very full, very fast weeks, we've gone
from a family of 9 to a full house of 10. 

We've seen Maylin go 

From a screaming bundle of petrified girl to nose-to-nose kisses
with a Golden Doodle.

From blink-blink-blink when spoken to in English to calling out,
 "schutt dee dough-uh!" and bowing her head over her plate as she says,
 "Pway ferse."

From wearing shoes everywhere except her bed
to nonchalantly walking through the airport scanner in her socks.

From defiance and meltdowns over seat belt restraint
to clicking it herself with a "see-bell on."

From a child without true family ties
to meeting 45 of her close relatives (only 33 more to go!)

From dressing and feeding babies in her orphanage
to playing dress up and baby dolls in her own room.

From a reserved girlie that watched my face for emotional clues in any new situation
to a confident, sassy thing that enjoys drawing the attention back to herself.

From the model child who folded her clothing and put her shoes in the shoe bench
to a regular Dersch kid that requires gentle reminders to take care of her stuff.

From a kid who consumes vast amounts of fruits, vegetables and noodles
to a squirrel who mysteriously produces her stash of candy at will.

From a photo and a tug and a longing in our hearts
to lifetime commitment that just makes herself a part of us each minute we're together.


  1. :) beautiful. I love your family...and little Maylin!

  2. Thanks for sharing, again. She's such a gift!

  3. Beautiful post - thanks for sharing!

  4. : ) thank you for sharing I love reading about Mayin and your family..

    Donna Allen Brewer

  5. Wonderful! So glad to hear how Maylin is growing and uniting with her forever family! :) Thanks for sharing.