Friday, October 7, 2011

The Great Imitators

Why is it that I can have reams and reams of pages  screen after screen of posts "written" in my head while I am cooking, or buckling a car seat, or bathing a dog, but when I sit to put it in a tangible form...poof...what was that thought?

I have several posts begun and in the pile of "Please Finish and Post" but each night, (at least, most nights) sleep wins out because I hate morning. I am trying to force myself to have a consistent habit of

early to bed (before 10:30)
early to rise (6:45...don't rag on me, it's early to me)
so I can be healthy (-ish)
wealthy (Mark's in charge of whatever that means)
and wise (contain your laughter, the children are sleeping.)

I am reading the same chapter of my Bible daily for a week right now. It has helped me see connections within the chapters and within each book over the weeks. As I read Ephesians 5 again tonight, I was thinking about the 3 directions we're given regarding our "walk" or lifestyle:
Walk in love
Walk as children of Light
Walk carefully

I had pondered those thoughts yesterday and came back to the chapter "to put some flesh on them." The first verse jumped out at me, and I realized one reason I hadn't finished two of the posts:
they were meant to be one post.

Well...probably, one post in two parts. This could get a little long since 
I took so much space explaining how I got to this thought.

Earlier this week, while I lifted the too-heavy-with-stuff-that-actually-belongs-elsewhere lid of the shoe bench so Maylin could retrieve footwear  for our great expedition to the mailbox, I began
The Ponder.
Listening and singing along with her Inner Mongolian music

Yes, Mailbox Trip is sometimes the highlight of Day Home with Mom.
Her Imperialness scoffs at me when I attempt to assist her in gathering the mail from the box.

"Me do it," says she as her open right hand pats her lower neck.
"Alrighty,"says I as I cock one brow and initiate
the catch-the-falling-letters maneuver, "have at it."

Maylin is learning new stuff each day we go through this little routine. She is more willing to accept my help and has stopped twisting her body away from me if she suspects assistance may be forth-coming. Her little pirouette usually results in (no surprise,) Maylin dropping a few pieces of mail.

This whole rigmarole doesn't seem to annoy me as an old experienced mother as it would have a few decades and a few children ago. So far, I haven't received any certified letters that needed to remain pristine (as evidenced by the fact that they were placed in the care of the correspondance-shredding USPS.) 
But the process is notable.

She is talking about our surroudings more each as we take our short hike to the mailbox at the road. She occasionally graces me with a few token bits of mail to carry...quite generous when you consider yourself
the Me-Do-It Queen. She looks where I'm looking, and chooses to walk at the same speed I do. She enjoys our little jaunt and bringing home our captive USPS treasures.
She imitates me.

We took a trip to Gabriel's Christian Book & Supply last week and the store clerk pointed out that my adorable daughter walked across the parking lot, into the store and up and down aisles with her little pocketbook in the crook of her arm, just like I did.
She imitates me.

She watches as I comb my hair and then asks for the comb to do her own hair.

This just stinkin' makes me laugh

She checks out what footwear I put on to go outside, or to the car, or to the garden before she selects her own. (unless it truly matters, then she chooses the flip flops that are two sizes too big and are sure to trip us both on our "quick run into the grocery.")

She know what bowls we use for which foods and snacks. She doesn't put the used toilet paper into the trash can any longer (well, not often.) She knows when I say, "Time to get the kids," that she can finally fill the snack basket, just like I do. She kisses her babies goodnight. (And Baba) Her language is progressing with more clearly formed th, sh and tr sounds. (Yes, it's adorable when she loudly tells Lucy she needs to "Sit. Sit, Loot-see." She's not too clear on the S sound on that word.)

Maylin is still a tease. She is actually a hoot. She uses the phrases that are common in our home. (Come on! Time to eat. Lessuh go. Milk, please...) and she is putting phrases together on her own. ("Oh, me sorry!" when she accidentally turned the lights off on me and Alex.)

My heartache for the week was three days ago when she dropped her Chinese intonation of "Mama." When she called my name, I realized I have been Americanized into "Mommy." (sniff) She didn't learn it from me, but as she internalizes "American" inflection, it was a natural step to her. (sniff)

The mini update on Maylin brings me to my point: ("Finally," you say!)

She is a child, and as such, she naturally IMITATES those around her.
She is beginning to reveal what Life with the Dersch Family will do to a person.

Imitation is what we do as humans, and especially as young humans. It reminds me a little of the post in which I asked, Do I talk too much? The kids are going to take what I say and do, and internalize it, so I want to be mindful of what I say and do.

Ephesians 5:1 reminded me tonight that God desires me to imitate Him. Throughout Ephesians 3, 4, and 5 He gives me instruction on the positive role I should be to my children, and those around me. It isn't a list of "Don'ts" but a discussion of how
Life With the Christ Family should look.

This concept gave me a focus in parenting, many (many, many) years ago.
I desire to choose
Purposeful Parenting
because children are imitators...and I want to purposefully influence that.

Which means, I want to purposefully imitate Christ. There is a whole Manuel on that, and I'm so glad it's available to me. I've been reading a chapter each day.

I plan on developing the Purposeful Parenting idea with you. Since we're heading into the weekend, it may even be sooner than later.

It is the sweetest blessing and scariest curse I know,
She imitates me.


  1. I just love the flowers so many of us can now recognize in our own lives because you have the boldness to share. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful post! I, too, have been hovering in Ephesians this past week plus and in my journal, also on Oct 7, I had written the summary: "Walk in Love, Walk as Children of Light, Walk in Wisdom". This is a good reminder that, yes indeed, the HS is communicating that we need to walk carefully, allowing the Light to shine forth in our lives! Thanks for the reminder that we are imitated. BTW, Rosston is also at the "me do self" stage. Unless Daddy is home, then it is "Daddy help p-ease" and mommy still can't help! --Kimberly