Saturday, September 3, 2011

And Baba

A Mark Report:
As told to the mother in the kitchen immediately after occurrence.

(Visualize bedtime, school night, clean girlies in their 'jams with their pearlies so sparkling that you can't even look at their smiles without covering your eyes)

Mark usually takes the 'night-'night shift as I tidy the kitchen, or untangle my brain, whichever seems more urgent at the time. I help Maylin with her bath, then quickly lovingly hand her over to "Baba." 
He tucks, and tickles, and prays, and puts Maylin back in bed again, and tucks and kisses goodnight. And puts Maylin back in bed yet again.

I didn't know his prayer routine included, Thank you for
Matthew and 

This specific night, he came out with a glow.

Maylin has taken to loving on one of Beth's dolls, a brown (yeah!) BabyAlive.
She takes it with her in the car (carefully putting her in a seatbelt) She totes "Baby" to whatever room she is playing in. She loves picking the outfit, then having me wrap the baby in a blanket. Maylin has blossomed in the baby doll department this week.

As Mark came into the girls' bedroom to commence to begin to initiate (it does take awhile) the bedtime rituals, Maylin had her dolls ("Baby" and a few others--thank you, O.B, for one of them) lined up on the floor in a blanket "bed."
She had her own hands palm to palm and was kneeling over them.
 He could make out random words in her Chinglish babble: Sanks, Jon, Baba, ramble ramble, 'Men.
She repeated her prayer over each doll before kissing them on the forehead and climbing into her own bed. She was ready to have Baba pray over her, and kiss her 'night-night.

Isn't that just.too.much?

Mark is gone for the weekend to celebrate his parents' 50 Golden Years together. I did the tucking tonight (and Someone blessed me with a smooth bedtime. Thanks for those Flowers!) I was thanking God for the two girls in that room, and Maylin interupted with " an' Baba." I remembered that we needed the whole list and ran through them slowly with her. 
And she finished with her precious 

Babies learning to talk to Jesus may just be my one weakness.


  1. Beautiful flowers! Oh how her life has already been impacted so quickly. Thank you for sharing that precious bouquet with us!

  2. this is the sweetest. So many flowers in my mind. the bond we asked for from our Baba for Mayling and her Baba... the eternal impact that has been made already... I love it.... and babies learning to talk Jesus is for sure one of the weaknesses you and I share. Love you and her!