Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flowers in Different Colors

Maylin has been the star of the Blog Show recently, 
but that doesn't mean there haven't been 
other kinds of flowers 
left in special places through special people.
I am so impressed with Boy 4 that I could bust.

He is making good decisions regarding his school work, his attitude, and occasionally, his siblings.
His heart is quickly repentant when he is rebuked. 
He's even beginning to show signs of repentance before the rebuke comes. 
It's a transformation for which I am glad to the bone.
For those of you who don't know our guy as well as others do, he is 
our firstborn 
of the 4 born for us,
not through us. 
He came from a less-than-optimal beginning, and has had struggles with which some of my other kids have not had to deal. 
His momma has prayed prayers that are very different than those she had prayed before. 
We have known since the moment we knew he was ours 
(which was the "If we don't take him, how will he learn about Jesus?" moment)
that God had good plans for him, and a future. 
A future that was different than it would have been elsewhere.

He's still funny, and fun. 
He smart but learning not to boast in his amazingness. 
He's still Not-The-Mother, although he sometimes needs a reminder of that.

(If you overhear me say, "Do I still have a pulse?" it's not because I wonder. It's a reminder that while I have a pulse, I get to be The Mother.  After I'm gone, there is a hierarchy that must be followed until each in said hierarchy are pulse-free, at which point Child #5, 6, or 7 might get to be The Mother. 
I tell them not to count on that.)

Please don't get me wrong: he is still completely himself.
But his ginormous, meaty hugs are more sincere.
The "self-monitoring" that was lacking is starting to rear it's disciplined head every now and again.
And his friendships are growing up, too.

If only he didn't read my blog...(sigh)...now, he'll have to deal with pride 
(or not, Son?)

 I love you to the farthest star...and back.

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  1. Brought tears and smiles all in the same post! So grateful he became a Little :)