Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Count Down to Maylin continues...

So, what needs to happen in the 
next 24 hours 
before we leave our house for 
22 days and 
fall in love with about 25 students each, 
then return with our 8th child?

Although math is not my strong suit...multi-tasking is. 
We've so got this...

until that last minute panic caused by my forgetting 
whether I already put that (one specific thing) into someone's suitcase!

What needs to happen today:

Final clothing washed and packed
Maylin's bag packed
Toiletries packed 
(we decided we needed to wear deodorant this week, instead of packing it early)
Adoption dossier rechecked
Passports packed
Vans full of gas for Grammy and for the travel
my suitcase is almost ready!
Verify travel with Team members (our first flight is an hour earlier)
Reorder the school clothes that didn't fit B, B and M
Pray some more
Print photos for our Chinese classrooms
Finish running all the water our of our house lines 
to remove the chlorine used when treating our brand-new well.
Turn water heaters back on so we don't have to rely on last week's deodorant use

Continue praying
Pack back-packs and carry-ons
Make sure banking and bills are caught up
Buy a messenger bag for Austin
Continue running water to flush the lines
Trash to the curb (we don't even have a curb...)
Pray as I finish the list of things
Finish putting the old school books away to have fresh space for Maylin's books
Check that the money for adoption fees and travel is in like-new condition
(The Chinese don't always take US dollars if they are not like new. It just means 
my money-laundering/ironing career is about to commence!)
Recheck flight times
Zip suitcases and weigh each one
Do all the other odds and ends
Attempt to sleep

That should do it! My next post ought to be from Ch*na!!

(the inserted photos are a few of the things we are taking to children from their soon-to-be adopted families!)


  1. hi dorothy!!! i am SO glad you are blogging to share the journey! yay! (though i am with you on that whole tiara thing. God's pruned away a lot. i still hold on to a few blogs though). can't wait to see it all unfold!!

  2. oh and also LOVE reading about "flowers" from your Father. what a wonderful way to look at it all. so sweet and i am now trying to find flowers from my Father everyday too. have you read 1000 gifts? in some ways, her journey toward gratitude is quite similar to your awareness of God's gifts to you each day. :)

  3. Much love to you as you get ready to step on the plane. What an awesome journey this is....from a quiet, unaltering sense that God has a daughter for you in China to the reality of going to get her. I'm continuing to lift you up in prayer and can't wait to read your updates and see photos. Heather

  4. Seriously. I so enjoyed reading this. And of course, reading it made me miss your family. Having been in your home as you prepare for a trip (can you believe it was EIGHT years ago that you went to Alaska and we stayed with your kiddos!) I can almost feel the excitement and anticipation. Thinking of you, praying for you, and looking forward to following your journey. Love you...