Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A "zoomed in" version of Maylin

Mark came through for me, as always.

The candles/flower probably opened out, possibly rotated, and played a delightfully "tinny" version of something you'd recognize...but usually not "Happy Birthday."

This is a typical style of cake for China. When we told our students the first year that we have ovens at our home and make birthday cakes...this is what they imagined. I was glad I didn't have any photos of my sheet cakes frosted with canned icing and decorated with M&Ms. 
(Hey, sometimes I make great cakes, too. Just not every birthday.)


  1. She is adorable...I know you are so anxious to get to her. Hope all is going well for you in BaoTou.

  2. She is beautiful!!! It has to be so hard being so close to her, yet not with her yet! I hope the rest of your week in Baotou goes smoothly...and I hope you get to meet our Lilly! :-)

  3. Rebekah, we hear the director or assistant director may have changed, and the contact Amy has is out of town. The friends at the local hospital are working on getting us a date to delivery the clothes, and gifts. I am hoping!!