Friday, July 15, 2011

Did you happen to see my Flowers yesterday?

God knew I would be tired after shopping, 
and driving and expending more energy than an old lady ought to...
and I do get a teeny bit grumpy when I get, 
He sent me an amazing sunset 

to watch while I drove a van full of boys young men home from the Orlando International Airport.The kids were playing games and sharing music and cackling (one has a creeper-sort of laugh, but the others cackle) and interrupting each other's telling of the week's events--
In all, a delightful trip home.
(and I really am serious about that...)

For 20 noisy minutes, I quietly watched God paint 
the wispy, scattered clouds an amazing yellow-gold 
that melted into an amber-pink 
which turned into a fiery red in the blink of an eye and 
then...the inky blue of an evening 
when there are too many man-made lights to view the stars. 
The colors oozed from one to the next, and (safe driver that I am) I had to check the sky frequently while checking the road even more frequently. I know I missed some nuances of the transitions between colors, but I saw the ones He wanted me to see.

No one else in the car noticed the colors, or the clouds, or the changes. 
If they did, they were as silent as I was about enjoying 
the Flowers From My Father.

The other passengers were rightfully busy with friends within the tiny six-seater world we created as we hurtled down the turnpike at (the appropriate) speed of the highway traffic. It was fine with me that I didn't point out the bouquet...He'd made it for me.
And it was perfect.
So, I guess the question still stands,
did you happen to see my Flowers yesterday?
Did you see any of those He sent you?

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