Sunday, July 24, 2011

First Day Jitters

Remember that 
**feeling in the pit of your stomach**
that happened every year as you headed off to school for the 
You were in your new clothes, and uncomfortably new shoes. 
The lunch box had no dings or scratches and you still liked peanut butter and jelly 
(at least for another month)

Well, that's today again for me.
Instead of being the shiny little student smiling nervously in the second row, today I am 
the esteemed Foreign Teacher. 
I am the English expert. 
We will soon leave the hotel and arrive at a school the English Program has not been in before. As with other years, we'll not know our rooms assignments, or our age level (the range will be kids 12-16...maybe) or their English ability until we all arrive in our classroom. I know from other years, that it will take more than a few minutes to get the room arranged (since school is out, the rooms have been left uncleaned.) Many of the children will come into the class because they feel just as 
**first day**
as their volunteer teachers from America. Maybe more-so. 
It will be the very first time for many of them to listen to a real-live American voice, see real-live American people and be expected to learn and converse.

There. Jitters are lessened.

Like a good teacher/momma, I put the focus back where it should be: 
on the kids with whom I am here to interact.
It's gonna be a great 
**First Day**

Two requests--One--please don't post anything religious on the blog.  Two--You can ask our Father to send me as many Flowers this week as I can stand.

(I will try to post photos now that I have a system of getting to the blog...key word...try)

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