Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm just dyin' on the blog stuff here.

This is just to notify you that the photos and post I just worked on...are somewhere floating around in cyber space. I have all sorts of Flowers from the first hour of our day, until tonight to report...but we have a 5:45 am meeting with the train going back to Hohhot tomorrow, and I simply can't get all that computer stuff back where I thought I had it. Or maybe I did have it...who knows? All I can say is that I will have lots more time with mostly unscheduled days for the next week and I'll get some info to you.

I'll just say, it's all good. So good. He is so good to our family, and whatever challenges lay ahead, this girlie of ours is a blessing. She's smart and sweet and sassy and gorgeous.

I will attempt one photo upload (which tends to be very slow here) but only if it works fast tonight. More later!
Peter captured the first smile Maylin gave us


  1. What an awesome picture! I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes!! Just the beginning of her next journey. You continue to be in our thoughts daily!

  2. This made my day yesterday. There are just so many of God's gifts on this journey for your family... and I know this one captured here will always, always, always be special to you.