Monday, August 1, 2011

New Beginnings

It was on the first day of the eighth month of 2011
that our daughter, 
Maylin Li,
had a new beginning.
The people on the return trip on the train were curious, and 
expressed gratitude that we would care for one of their children.
It is hard to accept that thanks, when we are the ones that are thankful.

We're thankful for the care Maylin must have received, 
because she is bonding easily and is relaxed with us once she's acclimated to a new place. 
We're thankful for the process not dragging on eternally.
We're thankful for the guidance of our agency in making things go (mostly) smoothly.
We're thankful that she has a 
that accidentally escapes every once in a while from under that quiet exterior.
(I believe that's the spunk I prayed for , and I may eventually "pay for" in discipline!)

I know, I know. Photos!
I'll get some posted soon.

A quick run-down on the events on Sunday and Monday:
Train from Baotou to Hohhot, then a taxi to the hotel that was 
within walking distance, but we didn't know it.
Our Chinese friend, Peter, was with us, and he made it all a breeze 
(even though we were slightly nervous about it all, anyway)
We settled into our lovely room and knew we had about 2 hours. 
We headed out for lunch (at the place I'm sure my friend, Shelly, had described to me)

We met Maylin in the lobby of the hotel around 2 pm. She had been on a train from Tongliao for 
18-22 hours
(accounts varied....but with that amount of time, what's a 4 hour difference?!)
She was somber, and wide-eyed (I am so going to avoid the 
comment about an Asian being wide-eyed, okay?)
We had to take a family photo...and she cried quietly when she was
expected to actually touch these strangers.

We went to our room, signed multiple copies of who-knows-what 
(possibly even a petition for the head of the agency to become the next Chairman...)
and she was ours to keep. That threw us off, since somewhere we'd been told we'd only meet on Sunday, then actually receive her on Monday. Not so.

Because of Peter, our day was quite sweet. We walked to a nearby shopping mall, and walked around looking for an appropriate gift for the officials (we had been told to bring  fewer gifts than we actually needed)

Maylin's feet look in good condition with the tendon-release scars very visible on her upper ankle and top of her foot. She has a slight foot-drop that gets worse when she's tired and she has a slight toeing-in.
You know there is more to the story, but I have to get us all downstairs for the transportation to the schools for our last day of the Program. I hope to get more posted at lunch time.


  1. i am so glad you have her with you! what a beautiful day! praying this first day goes well! excited for the photos! :)

  2. I'm so thankful to hear that you have Maylin. Can't wait to see some pictures of her!!!

  3. Oh, so glad that you have her and that is going as well, or better, really, than could be expected!

    Wen you posted that you would meet but not keep her the first day, I was surprised, b/c it doesn't usually go like that. Guess it doesn't in IM, either!

    Can't wait for the photos!

  4. So happy for you!!! Praying that things continue to go well. Excited to see sweet Maylin in your arms:)

  5. It makes me smile that #8 joined you on the first day of the 8th month. :) She is so beautiful!