Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday.Tuesday, Part 2

The pedestrian street near the hotel

A family friend that met us for dinner. Thanks, Kevin!

Lobby at the famous Red Swan hotel on Shamian Island

no caption needed


View from the top of the hotel. Poolside!

Monday and Tuesday have been relaxed and rainy. The good news is that the rain has dropped the temp to not-quite-reasonable. I figure we're wet from rain or sweat, and somehow, even dirty rain seems better than nasty sweat dripping down our backs. Mostly.

We met our guide in the lobby at 10:30am to take the kids (there are 3 families, including us from our agency) for their TB skin tests to be checked. All 3 were obvious negatives and our 30 second exam (for all three kids) was well worth the 15 minute drive to the clinic. We stayed on Shamian Island for to drop off some laundry, have lunch at the Cow and Bridge and do some shopping.

For supper, we met our Chinese friend, Kevin, who lives in Guangzhou. He was a student at UF and became a friend of Maylin's oldest two brothers, Jon and Justin. He's returned to China after he graduated with his Masters, and we had the chance to connect Monday night. Very sweet guy.

Tuesday has been relatively low key. We had our consulate appointment at 8:30am. For those who are not fully versed in the Chinese adoption process, one of the pivotal initials is "CA" (which is most often followed by a squeal!) The consulate appointment is the final step in the process of getting our girl home. We took the oath of immigration for Maylin (promising we didn't lie on any paper work)  and we'll have her visa in passport by tomorrow afternoon. So Yeah!!

Other than the bad belly that Mark had to put up with, and the 25 minute flailing response from our girlie to a "no" from her momma, it's all good. We have an afternoon to fill, and then, we'll start filling suitcases.
Getting excited to get home!!

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  1. Hooray for friends in China to share this journey with and for answers... I've been talking to our Dad about your CA and Mark. I've thought it before, but forgotten to ask - Maylin is wearing the same necklace in most every photo. Is there a story behind that one?

    So looking forward to seeing family photos of the 10 you, Maylin with the not-so-little Littles, and your newest girl slurping noodles at the table in your kitchen! :)